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We are working to recover from the catestrophic failure of our server at In Motion Hosting where they lost all of our data including our email accounts.  This site is still in progress and we are working as fast as possible to get it ready for you.   Unfortunately one of the casualties was our entire store.  It will be offline until we can recreate it from scratch.  

Update: Dec 30, 2019:  We are working as fast as possible to get the site back to the way it was on Dec 2nd, 2019.  Please bear with us.  If you are interested in any products we have to offer, please email us at sales@trufflesinparadise.com.  We know this site is incomplete from the local backup we had, and you will see a lot of changes to it over the next few weeks until we have the site back to the way we want it. 

Thank you all for your well wishes and patience during this incredibly trying time.  



Colorado’s Most Awarded Chocolatier

Chocolate is one of the pure luxuries of life, just a whiff of the decadent scent can put a smile on one’s face and can bring squeals of delight from both young and old.

At Truffles in Paradise, we understand that one exquisite truffle can transport you to exotic places. That is why we lovingly hand make each delicate piece using only the finest of ingredients. We love our community and strive to purchase local produce and ingredients whenever possible.

Holiday Chocolates are here!

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Upcoming Events

Boulder County Winter Farmers Market

9am – 3pm at the Boulder County Fairgrounds
9595 Nelson Road
Saturday, Dec 7 & Sunday, Dec 8, 2019
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Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest

10th Annual Festival
10am – 5pm Daily Expo at the NM State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque, NM
March 21 & 22, 2020
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