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Support our Heroes!

Due to your amazing support, we are no longer taking donations.  However, we are continuing to ship out packages to those in the medical field. Please nominate them.  

During this time of crisis there have been a large number of people who have helped keep us safe and healthy.  They need a break…and a little chocolate!  

  • Truffles in Paradise will donate the first 10 boxes to be shipped to nominated and randomly chosen Heroes.
  •  After that, we will provide the chocolate, but we need a little help to cover shipping costs.  Every penny of your donation will go toward the costs of shipping a Chocolate Box of thanks to a nominated Hero.
  •  If we go over the donations for the 40 boxes, that money will go towards purchase of more boxes and shipping
  • We will continue to donate the chocolates.
  • At this time, we do not offer these for sale as our limited number are intended for our HEROES campaign.  

*Donation does not guarantee that your nominee will be chosen. 

*Special thanks to A Specialty Box for their kind donation of 50 Medical-themed 4- Pc boxes.*

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Our Heroes need us, just like we need them!

Truffles in Paradise wants to honor as many Heroes as possible.  We will donate the first 10 boxes of chocolate to our nominated Heroes and will cover the cost of the chocolate for the next 40 boxes.  We need your help to pay for the shipping costs for those next 40 boxes.  If we reach our total of 50 boxes, then further donations will be used to purchase boxes and shipping for the next set of Heroes we can honor.  Truffles in Paradise will continue to donate all chocolate for as many boxes as we are able to purchase with donations.  We want to let all of these amazing, dedicated professionals know how much we love them and how grateful we are for their sacrifices on our behalf.

Shipping each box ranges from $7-10 depending on where we have to ship it.  So roughly every $10 in donation we receive will support shipping one box to a nominated and chosen Hero.

*Donation does not guarantee that your nominee will be chosen. 

If you want to nominate a Hero too, then please click here!

To view our randomly chosen Heroes, please click here!


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  1. Kenny Earl

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you’re doing!!! Keep up the good work. When I saw you on the news this morning I knew I wanted to help/support what you are doing so I’m donating. When things get a bit more “normal” I look forward to dropping in to say hello and thank you and try these beautiful treats in person.

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