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Our Award Winning Chocolates

All of our confections are individually hand crafted with love. Enjoy a bite of paradise!

2011 Grand Champion Italian Balsamic Fig

The Isle of Capri looks over to Sorrento, Italy - home of arguably the best Balsamic anywhere in the world. The best fig jam, Fichi Confettura Extra, has been produced in this region since 1890. Our award winning Italian Balsamic Fig confection was inspired by my husband's recent business travel to Italy. He returned with a well known Sorrento Aged Balsamic and a lovely Fig Jam. It seemed only natural to turn them into a wonderful confection! The creamy fig ganache has a sweet ribbon of reduced aged balsamic running through it with a layered dollop of fig jam and just a dash of balsamic vinegar. The creaminess of the fig and white chocolate ganache perfectly compliments the fruitiness and acidity of the aged balsamic vinegar. In a word? Yum!

Award Winning Caramelized Passion Fruit Butterfly Confection (Seasonal)

Each butterfly is hand painted and unique. This layered confection begins with a tangy caramelized passion fruit and white chocolate ganache, finished with a vanilla infused milk chocolate ganache.

Award Winning Bubbly Truffle

A sparkly treat for any celebration. Bittersweet and milk chocolate are highlighted by decadent J Cuvee 20 Sparkling Wine. The perfect confection for those special celebratory moments.

Grand Champion Award Winning
Boyer's Rocky Mountain Thunder Confection

Our chocolatier created a liquor by infusing vodka with freshly ground RMT coffee bean, roasted locally in Denver, CO. Blended with a creamy semi-sweet chocolate ganache with hints of Tahitian vanilla, this creates a perfect little pick me up.

Heart of Gold Confection

Hand painted white or dark chocolate hearts, filled with a soft fleur de sel caramel. The perfect sweet and salty combination.

Tahitian Night Confection

This truffle was inspired by the warm Tahitian trade winds which waft the fragrant aroma of Vanilla gently over the beaches. Creamy and mild 63% dark chocolate ganache infused with Tahitian vanilla, enrobed with a dark chocolate shell. Designs may vary

Red Velvet Truffle

The popular Red Velvet cake in a perfect bite sized truffle. The vivid red velvet ganache offers a stunning contrast to the pure white chocolate shell. A little bite of deliciousness!

Triple Threat Truffle

This is for the chocolate lover who can't decide between white, dark or milk chocolate. White chocolate ganache pairs perfectly with a bittersweet chocolate ganache. Both are then dipped in a creamy milk chocolate. Heaven!

Hawaiian Sunset

White chocolate blended with French vodka infused with passionfruit, mango and blood orange. No straw required!

Baileys Truffle

A dark chocolate ganache infused with Bailey's Irish Cream.
Need we say more?

Vanilla Mango Paradise

Sweet fresh mango combined with creamy white chocolate and finished with vanilla rum. Tropical Paradise!

Ginger Crunch Confection (Seasonal)

A creamy white chocolate ganache infused with vanilla, ginger and a hint of Meyer's dark rum, on top of a layer of crushed ginger cookie.

Romance Truffle
(Strawberries and Champagne)

A chocolate ganache infused with real strawberries and J Cuvee 20 Sparkling Wine, dipped in white chocolate, and dusted with strawberry powder. Romance in a truffle.

Pumpkin Pie Confection (Seasonal)

A perfect alternative to the pumpkin pie. Bittersweet chocolate ganache is combined with the delicate flavors of pumpkin, spices, caramel and brandy, covered in a creamy white chocolate.

Bananas Foster

Layers of gooey caramel, banana, rum ganache, and creamy caramel ganache, decadently covered in layers of white and dark chocolate.

Eggnog Confection (Seasonal)

Another classic holiday flavor incorporating white chocolate, Meyer's dark rum, and fresh nutmeg. Because we use a white chocolate shell, this is a perfect holiday treat for those allergic to chocolate.

Cranberry Kiss Confection (Seasonal)

The tanginess of juicy Cape Cod cranberries is complemented by the sweetness of white chocolate with just a hint of orange. The perfect holiday truffle!

Aurora Borealis

Two favorite flavors that remind me of summers in Norway, Lingonberry and Linie Aquavit. Creamy white chocolate blended with lingonberry pairs perfectly with the anise flavor of the aquavit ganache. Covered in white chocolate and painted like the Aurora Borealis that lights up the skies in Norway. A midsummer's night dream.

Allergen Statement:

Our products do not contain nuts, however, they do contain milk and some contain eggs and flour. Guittard chocolate contains trace amounts of soya lecithin; they do not process or handle peanuts in their facility. Our products are created in a kitchen where peanut butter is sometimes used, however, our items are all hand made on separate equipment.

We use only pure ingredients in my confections and try to use local organic produce and dairy when possible. All dairy is rBST free. We use exclusively Guittard chocolate, including the E Guittard line. As there are no preservatives used, it is recommended to consume the products within 2 weeks of receipt. Keep them in a cool area, but enjoy them at room temperature, to ensure full development of the rich chocolate flavors.

All of our confections are individually crafted by our Chocolatier. As a result, they will not be perfectly uniform but will each have their own unique shape and design. However, the taste is consistently delicious!
Our Chocolates
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